Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hi, Mom and anyone else who stops by!

This post is for mah Momma, so she can see my work.

I guess everyone else can look too. ;-)

Sitting lady with Calla Lily hat.

Small handled cup Tea-pot in progress Tea-pot lid

Tri leg mug Small vase w/ relief carving

Punk vase/Carving Flower pot

Mini Houston House Backside small female bust Frontside

Calla Lily Basket

Slip Cast Ash Tray

Stacking tea-cups (Duo piece) Thirsty Cat in a teapot (Duo piece)

Square mug (boring)
Plate etching of a Beardsley print.

Abby (Little Black Dog)

Octopus bowl

Swallow w/banner business card holders

Holland Leaf mold Holland Vase mold

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