Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rejuvenate 3 of 3

An older wheel thrown piece fired with Mayco Cobblestone. REALLY neat stuff.

I was able to attend a workshop hosted by Lisa Bare Culp at her studio for glazing and it was AMAZING and so beneficial. Lisa is the head ceramic artist for Mayco glazes right here in the heart state, so she spends most of her day testing glazes and testing glazes, and testing some more glazes and different combos, and the results are amazing.
One of Lisa's gorgeous pieces.

I was at this past years Winterfair helping a friend out and she introduced me to a good potter friend who asked who I was taking classes from. I said Lisa’s name, and he said, “You’re in wonderful hands.” It’s true—I can’t complain and last night confirmed it. I can’t wait to see the finished tiles we created and I REALLY can’t wait to start stocking up my Mayco inventory. I have a few of their glazes and they’re great commercial glazes.

Anyways—I am back in the studio after a winter hiatus and in between the craziness, but it feels great.
Some test tiles of some really old toxic glazes. No wonder they're so pretty.
Part of a painting I've been working on for a southwestern painting set. Made me think of the test tiles from all the different colors.

Rejuvenate 2 of 3

At one of the HH meetings our president was kind enough to bring in an interesting magazine, which has invoked some inspiration and clarity into the direction I want to go.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be great at throwing pots and casting seems pretty monotonous and boring, but “Art Dolls” are a direction I can see myself going. My enjoyment of painting and drawing figures never spoke more clearly after I read the magazine, and it all just clicked in my head one day.

I like clay… I like figures… I like sewing. DING-DING! We have a winner!

Anyways, on to other things besides my great and glorious epiphany.

A doll named "Matilda" I am working on.

A Day of the dead Catrina with her mask.

I can't wait to bisque fire these, and assemble everything!

Rejuvenate 1 of 3

One side of a sgraffito piece, which is now clear coated and on my bookshelf.

This giant update Baby is being turned into a triplet.

I have a lot to share from my winter hiatus.
Walking back into the studio with a fresh box of clay is thrilling. I have conjured so many ideas, tips and techniques I have seen, and all I want to do is play.

These past months have been crazy for me. My great ideas have transcended into me being the head of planning, and directing, which is so time consuming. Looks like my goals and resolutions are out the window, but it’s all in good meaning, because the event is in benefit for the Houston House Arts Center . It’s a murder mystery about the death of Van Gogh and it’s a terribly good time making it all come together.
Looking down into the piece. Not perfect, but I'm getting better.

Right now we are in the process of a major revitalization of the organization. For years the organization has sat, collecting dust, and losing members (mostly by death), but the all is finally coming together in hopes of outreach to the community. I am glad to be a part of it, because there is nothing else in this world I would rather be doing than something that involves art.
One side of a sgraffito piece, which is now clear coated and on my bookshelf.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A potter's wishlist...

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... well, a lot of things.

In the past couple years, the holidays seem to be anything but joyous and plentiful. My husband and I have no exchanged gifts on Christmas for the past couple years, because we have both been so broke, and it came down to, "Do I buy the DVD set he's been wanting, or do we pay the electric bill?"

Neither of us really NEEDED anything. Who gives a crap about phones, ipads, and MP3 players? They're short lived electronic devices... certainly nothing I get giddy about.

As I regained my interest in ceramics this past January, I have come to see the expenses of buying clay, glaze, slip, stain, molds, etc...

So if Santa were to ask me what I wanted from Christmas, then here's a quick list. Nothing fancy, but just some essentials, and then some.

Bamboo tools' Siphon Blower (See a couple entries down about what it is)
Naomi Cleary tumblers

Carolyn Concho bowl--
Acoma Pueblo pots

Shimpo VLITE Potters Wheel

(5)-12" drilled plastic batts (10" drilled holes)

Now--- For the fun part

MAYCO Jungle Gem glazes (Non Toxic) ALL OF THEM

MAYCO UG-19(Electra Blue Underglaze)
MAYCO UG-50(Black underglaze)
MAYCO UG-51(White underglaze)
MAYCO SW-101 (Stoned denim Stoneware)
MAYCO SW-104 (Black Walnut Stoneware)

MAYCO writer bottle and tip (18ga)


So yes, I have a list of wants a needs... now if only I could find such a generous Secret Santa....

If I don't write before... Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Fair 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a fellow artisan and crafter to help them at a show in Columbus, Ohio, because they were in need of volunteers. I said, "Yes" almost immediately, because I needed the experience to see how the art shows operated, and who their demographic was.

I went with Carole; a contemporary basket weaver, and member of the Ohio Designers Craftsmen. She introduced me to everyone, but I'm so horrible with introductions, and talking, so I stood there all bashful, honored to be talking to amazing potters whom I had seen pictures of their work online, in forums, and in galleries.

I was a runner and booth sitter, which both left my feet on fire by the end of the day. I want to share some pieces from people who I met, and whom I booth sat for. I made some of these people some good money, so I will tout that I am a good booth sitter, but mostly, their work did all of the speaking. If I had money, it would have been gone, and quick here.

Ginger Folds--
I booth sat for Ginger, and she makes sterling silver jewelry to look like small paper cranes, and other works of origami. Man, if I only had $50 these would have been mine.

Mark Speiser---
A very nice guy, who made such wonderful items from wood, including his folding salad tongs. It was a pleasure to sit for him.


Denise Novak--


Brad Kelly--

Brad's images were taken in China, and it's amazing when you stop and take a minute when looking at photography. While booth sitting for Brad it gave me a chance to really pay attnetion to all the finer details in his work, as subtle as a human figure on the side of a winding river. Beautiful work, and mostly I am not a photography enthusiast.

Theresa Gallup--
Theresa's booth was interesting for the fact that all of her wearable pieces were made up of old scraps from antique Kimono's. Her prices were slightly steep, otherwise I would have been walking out with a handmade flower brooch.

ARTISTS I met, liked, and bought from:

Jim Kemp--
I really wish I would have had a few more minutes to talk with Jim, as I admire his work previous from Winterfair. His pieces are semi-functional, but incorporate such playfulness and charm. You can look across the room and tell it's his work.

Robin Morris---

I bought two wonderful mugs from Robin. The glass work on her pieces made me drool, and I have vowed to buy some more pieces from them in the future. They are some of the best priced functional pieces I have come by!


I met so many more people, and was even invited to a local potter's studio to ask questions.

It was really a wonderful experience, and I have volunteered for future sales, and events at the expo center that the ODC sponsors.

Though I may not have the gift of gab for marketing, I really do enjoy meeting new people and helping in any way that I can for fellow artists.

After seeing a couple of the booths and the demographic coming through, I have decided to possibly pursue this festival next year after a lot of encouragement about my paintings and my ceramics from the lady whom I went with. It will take a busy spring and summer of casting, and throwing, but I think I may very well attempt this as my "goal" or "resolution" for the year. The entry fee is frightening for beginners, but I was ensured by Carole, and by my personal booth sitting for many vendors that the fee could easily be made back within the weekend and then some.

Now, I have the whole year to prepare, and prep.

I think I can do this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have a couple of prefired lovelies to show today.

These are pre-fire and pre-glaze. I am hoping for a close to terra cotta look once they pop out of the kiln.

I have discovered that red clay is very difficult to work with on the wheel. It makes porcelain seem like working with a cloud. It took me a while just to get the clay centered.

The thing I hate most about it is that it's MESSY! At least with stoneware I can brush off the dried bits and run to the store afterwards, with red clay, it has me rethinking the whole "apron" thing.

Big news!!! How could I forget to mention this! THE NEW KILN WORKS! I tested it with a very low firing cone, but it shut off great, so YAY!

With the new kiln working means that the
Houston House is prepping for classes! We hope to have more info posted after the new year!

With the new kiln came some extremely old glazes, and I mean OLD... like... glass-jars-and-crumbly-yellow-labels-old. Also, they are toxic, so no chip and dip bowl decorating with them. So I've dusted off the cobwebs, squished the black widows, and added some water to them... hopefully to bring them back to life.

Sorry--- no pictures. It's hard to take pictures when you're jumping and screaming about spiders.

With new-old glazes comes testing, so I spent a short part of my evening making small testing tiles.

I am thankful for Thanks-Giving, which gives me time off from day work to immerse myself in the studio!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life!

Little Black Dog Pottery will be featured in a mini exhibit at The Houston House Art Center's live production of "It's a Wonderful Life"

"It"s A Wonderful Life", November 17,18,19 - 7:30pm November 19,20 2:30pm .

Shows are at The Upper Room Theatre, First Presbyterian Church , Marysville. Tickets

$10.00 adults, $8.00 Seniors/Students. For more info call 937/209-1339


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