Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Separation Anxiety: A potters perspective

Separation anxiety?

So.. we’re going on like almost a month since the kiln took a turn for the worse, and lost it’s screws, and is sitting abandoned and broken at the Houston House, and I’ve found myself extremely agitated and just… not myself for the past week.

People have drugs, booze, and OCD disorders as coping mechanisms for stress. I’m truly starting to believe that mine was merely pottery. I’ve been feeling down with the stress of NOT getting a house, my sick Grandpa, and juried show deadline that is most likely going to pass without me be able to submit anything, which means most of my year will have to be written off as waste. It all agitates me.

I’ve spent a couple hours trying to pry rusted screws from this electric box from hell attached to the kin sitter, but I have no luck. I simply need someone with a power tool that has a screw extractor, or someone with a dremel who would simply slice it away.

I have no outlet to go to after stressful and dull days at work. I go home, watch TV, surf the web, and repeat, and my creative energy has nowhere to go but out the window. I feel like my enthusiasm is being crushed slowly by a compactor. I wonder if this is what Van Gough, or Monet would feel like if someone just took their oils, and drawing materials away. How can one cope when they’re consumed with ideas they can’t relay outward. Interesting.

I’ll be leaving for vacation to go out west in some hope to rejuvenate some passion and creativity from a new perspective without green fields, blue skies, and farms. I’m excited and anxious to see what awaits for me even with the growing wildfires only miles away from where we were planning on stay.
It should be an interesting trip. I’m excited to see what emotions it will provoke, and what ideas it will plant in my head.

I have nothing to show today, because I have no finished products, but hopefully I will soon when I can finally fire the glazed pieces.

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