Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Empty handed

On my second week of class, I was able to watch the master Jen Harnetty throw a vase on the wheel in a mere ten minutes. Meanwhile, I sat there and tried throwing pieces, which turned into clay slop, and ended up getting tossed into a reclaim bucket.

Wheel throwing really does get the better of me. So many times I want to start bawling, and stomping around like a spoiled child.

My goal for the three classes in the series I'm taking is to learn the basics to wheel throwing, and then I'll take another session to get all of my glazing techniques, and questions answered.

I took some time this weekend to head over to the Houston House, and sit down and practice on the wheel. I made two successful pieces, which are awaiting to have their bottoms trimmed down. It's amazing, because I imagine that one day it will click, and I think I learned my lesson on trying to center my pieces. I am simply not leaning over enough, and propping my elbows on my legs well. My last piece I was able to center with ease.

Now, that I have that problem figured out, my next one is trying to cylinder pieces without them widening out into bowls.

Damn, damn, bowls.

In other news-- My Aunt has ordered a piece from me to give to her friend for a birthday present. It's a sculpture, and it's still drying out at the Houston House. I have never been so nervous about a piece, because I'm coming close to a time crunch since it's due in November. To have it explode would be devastating to me.

And in other-other news-- The Houston house will be having a winter art fair, so I'll be able to sell some more pieces in a public sale.

Sorry, no pics this time. Perhaps later this week!!


  1. Hi. I saw your Day of the Dead pieces during the Festifair. How can I get pricing and possibly purchase these gems? Email me: jeri_amrine[at]yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!!

  2. Wow! Thank-you for your interest in my pieces! I am in the process of setting up a store within the next upcoming weeks, so I will keep you notified when I have it set up!

    --If you are looking to purchase sooner, then you can email our Art League president Karen Iden @ kdelaware@aol.com and arrange a time to stop by and purchase the pieces since they are still on exhibit at the Houston House! :)

    Again, thanks so much for stopping by!!