Friday, July 22, 2011

Move forward

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."

Well, obviously I'm not going to make the July 25th deadline, which is next week, because it would require, bisque firing the kiln, one day of cool down, clear coat glazing kiln firing, another day of cool down, and then photographs, editing photographs, setting up paypal and an Etsy account, which can be quite time consuming in itself. Not to mention with the huge loss from my meltdown catastrophe a few months back, I've lost a lot of inventory that needs to be made up.

Now, there is a big gathering down in Cincinnati for the holiday season, which I will be striving for, and juried entries will be accepted until September 5th. I will most definitely be giving this show a shot, so I don't have to label the year a complete loss.

To my sadness around a gallon of my porcelain slip was mostly dried out, so there's more money at a loss. My stoneware clay had small remnants in it, which I'm either guessing is rust, mold, or dead bugs, but it still molded perfectly when I used it.

Here is a Catrina piece I am working on. I had a picture of the back of her hat, but the resolution is too small to notice the details, so here are two pictures until I can get back to get some more pictures. It's hard to see the details since she is so dark from the clay still being wet.
A front view of my Dia de los Muertos Catrina bust

A back view of my Catrina bust. Calla lilys adorn her back almost like small wings. Her wide brim hat has two sparrows carrying heart string in their mouth from a small heart, which sets in between them.

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