Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm no stranger to Ceramic Arts Daily's site, and I post a bit on their forum, because many professional potters seem to lurk there, including the Potter's Guild President, Chris Campbell, whom I wrote a short entry on a few pages back.

I'm a humble beginner to many on there who have decided a full time career of potting, and many have degrees up to their masters for ceramics.

I savor each and every little tip from business ideas, tax codes, potting techniques, which tools they like, and one tip that was given to me by an advanced potter. Potter's need to take a photography lesson.

In Today's market they're simply not just potters anymore. They also take on the role of book-keeper, accountant, advertising agent, market analyst, promoter, and to make sales anymore you need to have an online store, which includes photos. That is something that potters of the past never worried about aside of having their work published in a paper, or in a book, but it was a great tip I never would have thought of.

Etsy, and personal shops require excellent photography to help seal the deal for many folks. Who would want to buy a tea-cup that's lit too dark to see, or is too blurry to see the details? Not many, that's who.

Potters, ceramic artists, and other arts and craft entrepreneurs have taken on their own photographic challenges, and in that challenge, someone smart came up with the idea of a Photo box/tent. A small fabric box, with a few holes cut in it for lighting.

These sale for $50 and up depending on what size you want.

Well, this is where it gets exciting. After surfing around today I discovered someone was thinking that same frugal way that I was, a made a tutorial on creating your own photography box.

You can find that tutorial HERE.

So, while my dreams of a Nuwave oven will be put on hold for a few more weeks, I'm thinking that a new DSLR camera may be in my future very soon.

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