Monday, October 31, 2011

Dia de los muertos

The beginning of November marks the beginning of the spanish folk holiday celebrated by many cutures as "Day of the Dead" where cultures host a week of celebration in remembrance of family and friends who have passed on.

Being in the Midwest, we don't have as many authentic celebrations as say, the south west.

This holiday first intrigued me by the bright colors, and skeletons having a good ol time, and not letting the whole "death" thing get in their way of a lively celebration. It's something TABOO that most people in the United States won't understand, but as an artist, I've come to appreciate this folk traditions and beliefs of the Latino Culture, because they tell a story of many things that are often held at a "hush-hush" tone.

The majority of the work I sell features the Day of the Dead theme with the beautiful Catrina, and her romantic suitor dawning a top hat, and his devilsh grin. I don't have pictures of my pieces unfortuantely, but I do have pictures of me at POR VIDA, which was held in Columbus, OH and celebrated pieces inspired by Dia De Los Muertos, and how many of the artist cope with death.

In other exciting news: WE'RE GETTING THE KILN! Horray-hurrah! We had an overwhelming vote of support through e-mails from board members after I replied to mass e-mail about how beneficial the kiln would be for classes, and teaching!

I can't wait to see the kiln, and get it up and working!

The official board meeting is on Wednesday! I'm extremely excited! :D

It's quite funny after I typed that, because I realized that I have to pick up my finished pieces from Mayco on the same night, so my excitement turned into, "OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!???" lol

I really need to start using my planner more. :)

Ooooh! Lookie what I found! A finished piece that goes with the theme. I started this lady back in July!

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