Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Viva la Art.... but not so much for the kiln.

Once more the kiln is out of commission. This makes the second time this year. The darn thing apparently won't "shut off" even after the kiln sitter has flipped down.

I know... I was confused, too.

Anyways, while I'm on hiatus, the board at the art league I work out of will be voting on using emergency funding to purchase a used kiln off of another board member's Aunt. I also inquired with this board member that if the board voted down the request, then I myself would personally buy the kiln and house it at the Art League for their use until I get my own studio. Win-win for them either way.

But, either way, they need one. I will be teaching some ceramic classes come spring time, as we have been receiving a lot of requests for adult clay classes.

I am excited for what the Houston House Arts Center will be doing for 2012. We're pretty much revitalizing the way we do classes, and are adding more events to our agenda in hope of gaining members, and having more outreach to the community.

There has been talk about one of the closer Arts Centers a county over possibly closing up shop due to lack of funding, which makes me extremely sad. I say, if you have to teach painting out of a shack, then do so. Arts in the community is so important, especially to children and young adults who cannot receive the freedom to express creativity with the watered down school art class agendas. Not to mention many schools have cut their art programs all together, because of financial issues.

I didn't mean for this entry to turn so sappy, or political, but I stand highest for arts, because promoting creativity in the young minds of today equals a future of innovation, and different thinking. It means the difference from followers, and creators.

The last thing I would want in life is to be stagnant, and be around stagnant people.


Back to ceramics.... I have some really nice pieces made up from Mayco, which will be glazed this week! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see the final product!

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