Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A potter's wishlist...

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... well, a lot of things.

In the past couple years, the holidays seem to be anything but joyous and plentiful. My husband and I have no exchanged gifts on Christmas for the past couple years, because we have both been so broke, and it came down to, "Do I buy the DVD set he's been wanting, or do we pay the electric bill?"

Neither of us really NEEDED anything. Who gives a crap about phones, ipads, and MP3 players? They're short lived electronic devices... certainly nothing I get giddy about.

As I regained my interest in ceramics this past January, I have come to see the expenses of buying clay, glaze, slip, stain, molds, etc...

So if Santa were to ask me what I wanted from Christmas, then here's a quick list. Nothing fancy, but just some essentials, and then some.

Bamboo tools' Siphon Blower (See a couple entries down about what it is)
Naomi Cleary tumblers

Carolyn Concho bowl--
Acoma Pueblo pots

Shimpo VLITE Potters Wheel

(5)-12" drilled plastic batts (10" drilled holes)

Now--- For the fun part

MAYCO Jungle Gem glazes (Non Toxic) ALL OF THEM

MAYCO UG-19(Electra Blue Underglaze)
MAYCO UG-50(Black underglaze)
MAYCO UG-51(White underglaze)
MAYCO SW-101 (Stoned denim Stoneware)
MAYCO SW-104 (Black Walnut Stoneware)

MAYCO writer bottle and tip (18ga)


So yes, I have a list of wants a needs... now if only I could find such a generous Secret Santa....

If I don't write before... Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

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