Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Fair 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a fellow artisan and crafter to help them at a show in Columbus, Ohio, because they were in need of volunteers. I said, "Yes" almost immediately, because I needed the experience to see how the art shows operated, and who their demographic was.

I went with Carole; a contemporary basket weaver, and member of the Ohio Designers Craftsmen. She introduced me to everyone, but I'm so horrible with introductions, and talking, so I stood there all bashful, honored to be talking to amazing potters whom I had seen pictures of their work online, in forums, and in galleries.

I was a runner and booth sitter, which both left my feet on fire by the end of the day. I want to share some pieces from people who I met, and whom I booth sat for. I made some of these people some good money, so I will tout that I am a good booth sitter, but mostly, their work did all of the speaking. If I had money, it would have been gone, and quick here.

Ginger Folds--
I booth sat for Ginger, and she makes sterling silver jewelry to look like small paper cranes, and other works of origami. Man, if I only had $50 these would have been mine.

Mark Speiser---
A very nice guy, who made such wonderful items from wood, including his folding salad tongs. It was a pleasure to sit for him.


Denise Novak--


Brad Kelly--

Brad's images were taken in China, and it's amazing when you stop and take a minute when looking at photography. While booth sitting for Brad it gave me a chance to really pay attnetion to all the finer details in his work, as subtle as a human figure on the side of a winding river. Beautiful work, and mostly I am not a photography enthusiast.

Theresa Gallup--
Theresa's booth was interesting for the fact that all of her wearable pieces were made up of old scraps from antique Kimono's. Her prices were slightly steep, otherwise I would have been walking out with a handmade flower brooch.

ARTISTS I met, liked, and bought from:

Jim Kemp--
I really wish I would have had a few more minutes to talk with Jim, as I admire his work previous from Winterfair. His pieces are semi-functional, but incorporate such playfulness and charm. You can look across the room and tell it's his work.

Robin Morris---

I bought two wonderful mugs from Robin. The glass work on her pieces made me drool, and I have vowed to buy some more pieces from them in the future. They are some of the best priced functional pieces I have come by!


I met so many more people, and was even invited to a local potter's studio to ask questions.

It was really a wonderful experience, and I have volunteered for future sales, and events at the expo center that the ODC sponsors.

Though I may not have the gift of gab for marketing, I really do enjoy meeting new people and helping in any way that I can for fellow artists.

After seeing a couple of the booths and the demographic coming through, I have decided to possibly pursue this festival next year after a lot of encouragement about my paintings and my ceramics from the lady whom I went with. It will take a busy spring and summer of casting, and throwing, but I think I may very well attempt this as my "goal" or "resolution" for the year. The entry fee is frightening for beginners, but I was ensured by Carole, and by my personal booth sitting for many vendors that the fee could easily be made back within the weekend and then some.

Now, I have the whole year to prepare, and prep.

I think I can do this.

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