Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have a couple of prefired lovelies to show today.

These are pre-fire and pre-glaze. I am hoping for a close to terra cotta look once they pop out of the kiln.

I have discovered that red clay is very difficult to work with on the wheel. It makes porcelain seem like working with a cloud. It took me a while just to get the clay centered.

The thing I hate most about it is that it's MESSY! At least with stoneware I can brush off the dried bits and run to the store afterwards, with red clay, it has me rethinking the whole "apron" thing.

Big news!!! How could I forget to mention this! THE NEW KILN WORKS! I tested it with a very low firing cone, but it shut off great, so YAY!

With the new kiln working means that the
Houston House is prepping for classes! We hope to have more info posted after the new year!

With the new kiln came some extremely old glazes, and I mean OLD... like... glass-jars-and-crumbly-yellow-labels-old. Also, they are toxic, so no chip and dip bowl decorating with them. So I've dusted off the cobwebs, squished the black widows, and added some water to them... hopefully to bring them back to life.

Sorry--- no pictures. It's hard to take pictures when you're jumping and screaming about spiders.

With new-old glazes comes testing, so I spent a short part of my evening making small testing tiles.

I am thankful for Thanks-Giving, which gives me time off from day work to immerse myself in the studio!

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