Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to basics

I'm not going to lie. August is my crazy month in which my schedule is immensely overloaded.

Not to be snooty, or irresponsible to obligations temporarily, but this is one of those Oprah "live for you, and you alone" pep talks. Mine just isn't on a daily basis... JUST until September.

I have some inventory built up, but I'm probably going to cast of couple more pieces before I feel satisfied enough to start selling. My biggest thing for September is kiln time. A lot of these pieces are getting bisque fired, then clear coat fired. Kiln time takes a lot of my evening, because I have to sit around wait for it to ramp up.

I got around to hand building again last night. I can't tell you the last time I sat down to work on a handbuilt piece that wasn't a sculpture. I made a floral pot dedicated to my very own Mammaw in West Virginia. It didn't hit me till the piece was nearly finished, and I felt like it was missing something, so added some small rosettes on the left side of the piece in which I wanted
to dedicate it to her, because of her enjoyment of growing roses and flowers, and to the fact she worked as a florist.

I can't ever look at a bright pink/fuchsia rose without thinking about my Mammaw.

This piece is called, "The Florist" and I plan on entering it into the members exhibit for the Covered Bridge festival come September.

A side view of the handle, and

I think this is why I am so partial to hand built pieces, and I feel more of a connection to them. If I lose a porcelain cast piece, it's nearly not as overwhelming as losing something that took a considerable amount of time to construct and put creativity into.

Okay, and now, but not least: GLAZE PARTY!

I've been busy cleaning out underneath the cabinet! Once these are finished, I may sell them. There's nothing I'm really dying to keep out of this bunch. Maybe someone else can appreciate them! I'm excited to see the pieces once they go through the kiln!!

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