Wednesday, August 31, 2011


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

After a lot of consideration, and time constraints, it hit me the other night that I should probably put a hiatus on doing any crafting events, or festivals till next year.

I had such a feeling of being overwhelmed, and then it hit me that I would be freaking out for the whole month of October trying to get banners made, find table clothes, small platforms, getting stuff bubble wrapped, finding packaging, and getting all the smaller business necessities like finding a laptop of tablet to carry to shows, making spreadsheets, and all that fun (boring) stuff.

I'm going to devote a lot of my sales for the rest of 2011 to my Etsy account, and at The Houston House Arts Center during exhibits. I'm excited to see some of the feedback on my pieces from the public. So far, it's looking positive, which is helping me get a long.

Speaking of Exhibits my pieces will be featured at an event the Houston House is doing for the Festifair/Covered Bridge festival. I guess they're having a large tour bus coming through, and a plus is that we have some people from the Fair committees jumping on board to help support us, which brings a lot of excitement. The whole thing has been a huge learning process for me, and I'm glad I can devote time to something I have a passion for.

Anyways, the show is September 10th. I kilned my Grandma's piece last night, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's still in a single, solid piece, and not blown to bits. Tonight, I'm going to glaze it, and pop it back into the kiln again.

That's another thing lately, I've been wanting to mess around with Stoneware again. I've been wanting to build, and even wheel throw again, but with my schedule, it's forced me to put any thought to creative adventuring on the back burner. In a way, the overwhelming feeling is start to turn stifling.

I'm taking a break, and calling for a New Year's resolution to really get my business rear in gear come 2012, so I can enjoy the rest of my 2011.

--P.S.-- My wheel throwing classes start in a couple weeks. HORRAY! I've never met such a nicer bunch of ladies so excited about teaching ceramics!! :)

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