Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School!

All the kiddies are doing it, so why can't I?

Well, I am. I'm going to be taking some simple classes for wheel throwing and glazing, which are two things I REALLY need to improve on, seeing I have not had formal education in either, and everything I have learned is from pure reading, and experimentation.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this, because I'll be taking classes from Jen Harnetty, an editor for Ceramic Arts Daily, which is like my online web bible for ceramics, and she's posted some techniques on the site, that I'd really love to know about, or at least ask about.

A piece from Jennifer Harnetty.

On to other things:

This is DO or DIE week, people. My deadline is next week, and I'm running behind, because of being held hostage at the Houston House for Auditions, and form signings for a play I'm involved with. Part of me wants to act like a mean troll and carry all my things to the basement are start working down there.

You know, Potters can be really angry and agitated people. I think I understand that frustration for the fact they're under deadlines, and a lot of them have no social life for the fact they're always stuck in their studio.

The next two days will be nothing more than firings.

I'm crossing my fingers on this show, because I'm not seeing too many ceramic artists at these shows, which means they haven't found out about them, or their pieces were not appealing to the alternative crowd.

I have business cards that have been ordered, and should be here soon, and come October I'm going to be worrying about packaging, bags, stickers, and all that other good stuff on TOP of having to make more pieces for bulk. Thank-God I don't wholesale at the moment. HOLY CRAP, what a headache that must be!

I love the colors of Dia De los muertos.

Well... sorta. I've been getting some great feedback on my finished pieces. I have some Day of the Dead pieces with a man, and his lady skeleton on some of the pieces, and the President of the Art League was showing the Houston House to a Doctor, and she said the Doctor asked about pricing on the pieces, and seemed interested.

I can't tell you how that bumps my confidence up. I was there a few weeks going, "Who's going to buy this crap!? I feel so mediocre!"

I'm ready! Lets DO THIS!!

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